Every visionary needs a reliable team in order to focus on the big picture.

A team with a strong passion for technology that takes pride in every line of code they write.

We are ULPIA TECH – a software development company built by engineers to be home to engineering minds.

Our team of highly skilled software professionals has experience in a wide range of industries, including Retail, Pharmaceuticals and Fintech.

In the years we have partnered with multiple industry leading companies where we’ve assisted with their core product development, implemented new platforms within their infrastructure, developed custom integrations, helped them put their existing data to work or assisted with optimizations of existing tools and processes.

One of our core beliefs, here in ULPIA TECH, is that tech companies should invest in education. We identify talents and help them grow by partnering with local academic institutions, organizing contests and assisting with the development of high-school and university programs.

To ensure sustainable talent growth we continuously work with students from local universities and organize internships.

We sustain an environment that stimulates everyone to learn and grow both as individual and professional.


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