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General terms for use of internet site www.ulpia.tech

Art. 1. The current general terms handle the relationship between Visitors of the internet site www.ultia.tech (called „the Site”), and “ULPIA TECH” Ltd /the Company/, Unique Company Identifier: BG205645470, having its seat and registered office at: “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” 6 Blvd, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria, represented by the executive manager Nikola Valchanov, web address: www.ultia.tech, e-mail: , contact phone: .

Art. 2. The website is a service provided and supported by the Company that provides information related to the Company and its operations.

Art. 3. /1/ The current General Terms of Use scope how this website is used by its visitors under the here listed conditions. /2/ Every visitor of the website should familiarize themselves with the General Terms of Use after opening/loading the website.

Art. 4. By opening/loading the website using a device /personal computer, notebook, mobile phone or other device, that connects to the Internet/ every visitor of this website expresses its explicit consent that they accept all General Terms of Use and agrees to follow them strictly.

Art. 5. /1/ The Company provides to the Visitor the option to make a request through the request form on the website. The Visitor should fill the respective form fields and send their request. A dispatch of a request from the Visitor does not imply contractual agreement between them and the Company. The Company is not obligated to reply within specific period of time after the request was sent, but it will put its best efforts to reply and/or establish contact with the Visitor in a reasonable time frame. /2/ The Company provides the option for the Visitor to dispatch a request via email. In regards of this the Visitor needs to click on the active link to the email address of the Company and open an appropriate tool/program for writing and sending emails. The company is not obligated to reply within a specific period of time after the request, but it will put its best efforts to reply and/or establish contact with the Visitor within a reasonable time frame. /3/ The Company enables the Visitor to be redirected to the business profiles of the Company in social/business networks, and to web pages of its partners, clients and other The Company provides this option in order to facilitate the Visitor, and does not take any responsibility for the content of the profiles and the web pages to which it redirects and are not administrated by the Company. /4/ The Company provides options for the Visitor to use a dynamic Google map, within the website. This service is used in compliance of the current Terms of Use of Google Maps and Google Earth, available on their respective websites. /5/ The Company provides options for changing the language of the content of the website by allowing the Visitor to choose the respective language, through buttons dedicated for that purpose in the upper part of the website. The Company is not obligated to provide all the contents of the website translated in the language of choice, specified on the website. In cases when the content is unavailable in the currently selected language, the Visitor will be redirected to the initial page of this language.

Art. 6. /1/ All statements in the website are done in electronic manner and are executed through active actions of the Visitor – such as pressing buttons, checks, opening links, filling fields and other. /2/ The statements of the Visitor are binding and lead to the consent for personal data processing. /3/ All provided and collected personal data of visitors, through the use of the website are stored and processed by “ULPIA TECH” Ltd. The Company makes sure that the Visitors personal data is used correctly, is not disseminated, and is processed according the Privacy Policy, approved and in operations at “ULPIA TECH” Ltd .

Art. 7. /1/ All images, logos, graphic materials, designs, databases and other objects, visualized and accessible on the website are subject to intellectual property and are protected by the Copyright Law and its related rights, the Trademark Law and geographical notations and/or the Law of Industrial Design. /2/ Copying, extracting in other ways, using and/or disseminating the objects described by /1/ without the explicit consent of the bearer of the rights on them is prohibited and is a violation of the active law in Republic of Bulgaria. /3/ The visitors of the website are obligated not to use and disseminate the objects described in /1/ of this Article in breach of good faith or the law of Republic of Bulgaria.

Art. 8. /1/ The Company provides the website www.ulpia.tech in its current form and does not carry responsibility if the website does not cover the needs of the visitors. /2/ Inspite of the efforts the Company invests into the website, the Company does not have any responsibility to provide constant access to the site and all its features, nor it has any responsibilities for any damages, presenting in damage suffered and/or lost profits, that the Visitor has incurred due to using the website or the inability to access the website.

Art. 9. In the current General Terms of Use the following terms are used in the meaning explained below: /1/ “Visitor” – an individual or legal entity which is using the website, with intent to familiarize themselves with the operations of the Company and the services it provides. /2/ “The Company” – “ULPIA TECH” Ltd. , which is the owner of the website.

Art. 10. For all cases that are not covered in the current General Terms of Use are applied the regulations of the current law of Republic of Bulgaria.

Art. 11. The customer can receive information about all conditions that are not covered in the current document from the website and by contacting the Company using: Email: and the phone number:

Art. 12. /1/ “ULPIA TECH” Ltd. retains its right to change the current General Terms of Use at any time, having the active General Terms of Use document accessible on the website. /2/ The Company has the right at any time to stop support for the website, to do partial or complete update of the website as it sees fit with no advance notice.

Date of approval of the General Terms of Use: 21.01.2023г.

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